HARI NAIL STUDIO - Vietnam's leading Nail & Spa system

Hari Nail Studio is one of the leading Nails & Spa systems with a team of well-trained professionals, and modern 5-star standard facilities. With outstanding goals and missions, constantly innovating to help women become more confident and at the same time a relaxing place to reduce stress for the family. Hari Nail Studio deserves to be your number 1 choice.

Hari Nail Studio


Hari Nail Studio is an integrated system chain between Nail & Spa that not only brings beautiful and confident looks to women, but we are also a great place to relax for your whole family.


Bringing confidence, and shining beauty to women - Because women are born to love and be beautiful. The perfect family choice with top-quality relaxation services.


RESPONSIBILITIES: giving customers satisfaction from the first time using the service, Hari Nail Studio's strength is NAIL services from basic to advanced - Committed to giving you the beauty you expect.

  • Strengthen your nails and toenails naturally with quality products.
  • Easily cover the defects that appear on fingernails and toenails.
  • Bring a sense of confidence and personal style with a set of nails done with enthusiasm by a team of experienced technicians.

PROFESSIONAL: Workstyle is always neat and customer-centered in all activities.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: Dedicated to taking care of each customer, without discrimination. Devoted to work, always listening and understanding customers, giving customers spiritual values ​​and beauty as desired.


With a vision and mission to help women become more confident and provide more relaxation and stress relief services for families, Hari Nail Studio is constantly upgrading and expanding 5-star services to provide customers with a first-class experience. With hundreds of beauty and relaxation services from Nails - Spa - Hari Nail Studio deserves to be a reliable companion of every home.

NAILS SERVICE: HARI's Nails system is equipped with modern tools to bring a feeling of relaxation and luxury during the procedure. Besides, nail tools are always guaranteed safe with a standard sterilization process. HARI is committed to providing customers with excellent services: hand/foot skin cutting, normal/gel paint, nail art, powdered/dipped powder, and lotus heel rub... performed by highly trained technicians. copy and high skill.

SPA SERVICES: HARI is a destination not to be missed if you want to experience services to help you relax, reduce stress and regain your spirits such as nourishing hair shampoo, hot stone body massage, intensive area massage and masking. detox high…

HARI NAIL STUDIO with 3 branches in District 1, District 3 and District 5 is one of the destinations not to be missed if you want to relax and own an excellent nail set. With the motto "Customer is God", Hari's specialists not only possess good expertise but also pay special attention to customer service.

HARI NAIL STUDIO not only provides a variety of services but also constantly invests in upgrading the most modern facilities. With a careful and professional investment, HARI NAIL STUDIO confidently has been sending "beauty and confidence" to millions of women.

Amidst the chaos and worries of life, between the pressures of work and family… you need moments to love and compensate for yourself. HARI NAIL STUDIO is always the destination when you and your family need to relieve stress and fatigue, HARI NAIL STUDIO not only listens to your heart but also gives you beauty, confidence and most importantly, It is a really comfortable and relaxing soul.